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Edgar Degas Set Of 6 Placemats


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Famous Artists Collection-Degas Set of 6 placemats

EDGAR DEGAS was born in Paris, July 19th 1834, just south of Montmartre, he always remained a proud Parisian, living and working in the same area of the city throughout his career.

The artist’s mother died when he was 13 years old, leaving three sons and two daughters to be brought up by his father, a banker by profession. Degas’s father helped to develop his son?s interest in painting and in 1855 encouraged him to register at the E’cole des Beaux-Arts.

Always remembered as an Impressionist, Edgar Degas was a member of the seminal group of Paris artists who began to exhibit together in the 1870’s. Degas’s academic training, and his own personal leaning toward Realism, set him apart from his peers, and he rejected the ‘Impressionist’ label. Degas is best known for his study of ballerinas.

Recognised as an important artist in his lifetime, Degas is now considered one of the founders of Impressionism. Though his work crossed many stylistic boundaries, his involvement with the other major figures of Impressionism and their exhibitions served to tie him to the Impressionist movement. Edgar Degas died in Paris on September 27th 1917.